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                  今天是2020年11月29日 星期日 農歷庚子 鼠年 十月十五 北京: 多云轉陰 南風小于3級轉北風3-4級 12℃~22℃
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                       The trans-century dream of Beijing has eventually come true. At the IOC 112th meeting held on July 13 in Moscow. Beijing won the bid for the host of the 2008 Olympic Games. The world has chosen Beijing.

                       With our motto “New Beijing, Great Olympics” and our goal to host a “Green Olympics”, a “Hi-tech Olympics” and the “People’s Olympics”, Beijing is ready to become a truly international city. Beijing is showing a new, vigorous image through its on going economic reforms.

                       As the modern Olympics Movement entered the new millennium, China, the biggest developing country in the world, will definitely contribute to the spread of the Olympics Ideal in an extensive and innovative way.

                       Beijing is planning to build the Olympic Green, and the Olympic Park that will set an example for how the Olympic Agenda in the 21st Century can be implemented.

                       By hosting the people’s Olympics, we value human talent, ambition and achievement. We see the Olympic Games as a catalyst for exchange and harmony between various cultures and people. By hosting the Olympics Games, we will strengthen public awareness of environmental protection and promote the development and application of new technologies.

                       Beijing’s environment treatment under the banner of “green Olympics” features the extensive participation of the citizens in August 2000 the green Olympics action plan, sighed by the municipal government and 20 non-governmental organizations was launched. Some 830,000 primary and middle school students initiated the “green angle” activity to collect old batteries and other renewable wastes. To be a middle school student, we don’t have to join in an organization to protect the environment or to make a green Olympics. We should always do every penny thing by ourselves. For example, we should pick up the rubbish whenever or wherever we see them. And we should save the water in every possible way. And we should take more public transportation. And we should use less of the onetime things. We shouldn’t throw the chewing gum onto the floor after we finish it. We should rap it and throw it into the litter basket. And I think if everyone could do those perfectly, the environment of Beijing will naturally turns better, and then we can easily make a Green Olympics.

                       Celebrating the Games in Beijing in 2008 will afford a unique opportunity to inspire and educate a new generation of Chinese youth with the Olympic values, and to promote the Olympic spirit and the cause of sport in China and the world.


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